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Elips is a pioneer in the design and manufacture of eco-friendly plastic food packaging.

At Elips, innovation is not just about reducing the amount of plastic used in our packaging. It’s also about making sure that the plastic we use will be reused, recycled and transformed.

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Over 10 years

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Founded in 2009, IML Plastx quickly established itself as a major player in the industry.


In 2016, the Drummondville-based company builds a state-of-the-art 53,000 sq. ft. plant equipped with the latest injection technologies.


IML Plastx joins the Europlastiques Group in 2017, a leading company in Europe that contributes to the evolution of the injection-moulded plastic packaging industry.


In 2019, IML Plastix fully embraces its eco-responsible commitment and becomes Elips Plastics.

Flexibility and responsiveness

Equipped with the latest and most efficient injection-moulding technologies on the market, we offer unmatched production flexibility and responsiveness.

This enables us to respond to varying volume demands and thus help companies create new packaging without restriction.

Our promise

To help brands and retailers transform their sustainability commitments into business opportunities.

When you buy our food containers, we guarantee that you get 100% local products that meet the Quebec agri-food industry’s highest standards and requirements.

We are aware of the benefits of buying local. It is our way of supporting and contributing to the local economy. It is our number-one priority.
Benjamin Barberot

Benjamin Barberot
Président, Elips

In collaboration with our European sister company, we conduct research and development on raw materials, dyes, biomaterials, material recycling processes (material weights and thicknesses, mono-materials) and product labelling (“green certification,” plant-based inks). These advances have significantly contributed to the evolution of the injection-moulded plastic packaging industry.

What makes us differentDesigning

with a purpose.

Circular Economy Thinking

Our approach to product development is inspired by the circular economy. In other words, we challenge ourselves to find innovative ways to close the loop on plastic packaging – keeping raw materials in continued use and out of the environment.

By considering plastic packaging as a value-added product rather than a disposable commodity, we are able to completely rethink the way people use and recycle our products.

Together with our customers, we explore ideas to recover and recycle our products, thereby maximizing their brand’s reach and appeal. We are also involved locally to promote circular economy initiatives in plastic, in addition to connecting the various stakeholders who can contribute to this.



for businesses

Flexibility and Production Responsiveness

Thanks to our state-of-the-art technologies, we are able to offer greater flexibility and production responsiveness. We can respond to varying volume demands and help companies create new packaging—without any limitations.

Our geographical proximity makes us an ideal partner. Together, we will collaborate on the development of new concepts and implement a local recycling strategies.


packaging with an edge

Packaging Efficiency & Ingenuity

By working exclusively on the packaging of fresh products, over the years, we have gained a thorough understanding of this industry’s challenges, regulations, production processes and marketing.

This unique expertise allows us to collaborate with our customers to solve freshness challenges, integrate new intelligent technologies, and innovate with original container features and shapes to give brands a unique edge.


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