Today, more than a third of consumers prefer brands and retailers that are committed to reducing their ecological footprints.

This is an opportunity.


Levels of food wastage drop from close to 50% to just 3%1 in countries like Canada with the use of plastic food packaging

The solution is not to eradicate plastic packaging.It’s to design better

We need to innovate and rethink plastic packaging to move our industry towards a more circular model.

It’s about finding solutions to fight food waste, overcome the challenges of recycling, increase traceability and promote new reuse models.

Our approach

Our products are designed to help you achieve your goals and meet your sustainable development commitments through a more efficient use and recycling of the raw materials in your packaging.



1We reduce our own use of raw materials

For each of our packaging concepts, we challenge ourselves to minimize the use of raw materials, creating products that are both eco-friendly and profitable for businesses.

2We ensure that our packaging is reusable and recyclable.

We choose raw materials that allow our products to be easily reusable and recyclable. This approach keeps raw materials in use —and out of the environment.

3We recover our own packaging.

We work with brands and retailers to develop processes to recover and recycle our products to extend the life of the raw materials used.

Take advantage of the growing shift in customer expectations and

rethink plastic.

We help brands and retailers transform their sustainability commitments into business opportunities through circular-economy packaging concepts.


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