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The solution is not to
eradicate plastic packaging.

It’s to design
better solutions.




Our team combines creativity and functionality to design packaging that will help you solve your freshness challenges, integrate new intelligent technologies, or innovate with original container features and shapes to give your brand a unique edge in the marketplace.

  • Design, prototyping, 3D drawing
  • Graphic design
  • Mould design and manufacture
  • Manufacturing line design

An industry


For over the past 10 years, we have worked exclusively in the design of plastic containers for the agri-food industry. We have acquired a thorough understanding of the regulations, production processes and marketing of fresh products.

Dedicated to


In collaboration with our European sister company, we conduct research and development on raw materials, dyes, biomaterials, material recycling processes (material weights and thicknesses, mono-materials) and product labelling (“green certification,” plant-based inks). These advances have greatly contributed to the evolution of the injection-moulded plastic packaging industry.

Inspired by the

we are also involved locally to promote the eco-responsible use of plastic, in addition to connecting the various stakeholders who can contribute to this.



We work with our clients to implement processes to recover and recycle our products, thereby extending their lifespan and maximizing brand reach.



We are also exploring sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic packaging to overcome the limitations of recycling and thus promote new reuse models.

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